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QNotes – Page 386 – Gay Charlotte and LGBTQ Carolina News, Arts & Entertainment

Southern queers can’t get no love, y’all

Editor's Note

I, for one, have just about had it up to here with all the stereotypes about the South, y’all. And, it’s high time us southern queer folk start tellin’ it just like it is: Our wonderful accents don’t knock dozens of points off our IQs.

QPoll: Is the South unfairly stereotyped?


Do you think the South is unfairly stereotyped and, thus, overlooked by leaders and organizations in the national LGBT and progressive communities?

Charlotte: Amendment One and the law presentation slated

Carolina News Notes

On Aug. 1, Connie Vetter, an attorney and member of the North Carolina State Bar and Mecklenburg County Bar, will present “Amendment One, DOMA, and Gay Law 101: Everything you should and need to know” at the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte, 2508 N. Davidson, at 6:30 p.m.

Western: ALFA raises voices

Carolinas News Notes

AIDS Leadership Foothills-area Alliance (ALFA) has shared that is is hosting a Joyful Noise Gospel Festival on July 20, 4 p.m., at Exodus Missionary Outreach Church, 1763 Highland Ave., NE.

Triad: New center opening

Carolinas News Notes

The Triad is expanding its outreach to the LGBT community. In August, North Star LGBT Community Center will open at 704 Brookstown Ave.