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QNotes – Page 834 – Gay Charlotte and LGBTQ Carolina News, Arts & Entertainment

Pushed to the edge of the world

An interview with Alistair McCartney about his stunning first novel

Currently, the prospect of the end of the world is on everyone’s minds; it’s on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s dreams. We see images of it wherever we turn. Alistair McCartney’s first novel, fortuitously titled “The End of the World Book,” is poised to make a big splash on the literary scene. Darkly comic and …

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Into the pages of history

Carolinians leaving their mark on the region and nation

One of the most difficult challenges facing the LGBT community is the disconnect that arises from our inability to pass down our history and honor from those who’ve come before us. Because our history is ignored by society, many of our legendary leaders get lost in the mix. Q-Notes is taking the time this Pride …

North Carolina-based gay wedding publication plans California expos

Rainbow Wedding Network, Magazine plans for free, public events

ASHEVILLE – Rainbow Wedding Network, the publishers of Rainbow Wedding Magazine, are gearing up for a summer full of same-sex wedding and marriage expos in cities across California. To be held in July, the four back-to-back GLBTQ Wedding and Family Expos and the Same Love, Same Rights Mobile Marriage Summit, will make stops in San …

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It’s all coming back to me now


It’s conventional wisdom that everything old will be new again and the four most interesting “dance music” albums I’ve heard over the last few weeks do their utmost to prove this notion. I’m referring to “Bring Ya To The Brink,” the first all-dance set by ’80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper, “Apocalypso” by Australian sleaze-dance duo …

Calif. marriage brings economic windfall

National News Notes

Marriage brings economic windfall LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law has released a new study analyzing the economic gains that same-sex couples’ weddings will bring to California. According to the report, the state’s wedding industry will receive a substantial $683.8 million boost in direct spending by same-sex couples over …

Keeping or losing your job: Is really just about fitting in?

Tell Trinity

Dear Trinity, I have a feeling I may lose my job. Any ideas on how to keep a job and/or keep from loosing one? Job Doubts, Charleston, W.Va. Dear Job Doubts, Even though last year you may have won “Employee Of The Year,” this year’s bad economy, loss of profits and/or someone with more tenure …

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Jim Neal selected as NLGJA panelist

North Carolina News Notes

Charlotte   One, two, three, four… CHARLOTTE — Lez Be Fit Boot Camp (LBFBC) has begun! A preliminary session was held on May 31 as a warm-up preview of what to expect in this kicking four-week series that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. Workout lasts an hour. No equipment is needed. Participants …

Fantasy get-away

Carribean resort creates a tree house mansion

Lots of folks have dream vacations. Sometimes, those dreams are mere fantasies. When people get the chance to fulfill those dreams and fantasies, the memories made often last a lifetime. A resort in Curaçao, a small island in the Carribean, is hoping to help make some of those dreams come true. For those travelers that …

Can a Morehouse man be openly gay?


Morehouse College in Atlanta has been noted as the bastion of black male leadership since its inception in 1867. Embodying W.E.B. Dubois’s theory of “The Talented Tenth,” that stated “exceptional black men” would be the ones to lead the race, Morehouse College has produced unquestionably a pantheon of noted black men. However, nowhere in its …

Bishop rebukes vicar for wedding

Global News Notes

Bishop rebukes vicar for wedding LONDON, England — Rt. Rev. Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London, has strongly renounced the validity of the same-sex wedding between two priests conducted by the vicar of Saint-Bartholomew-the-Great, Rev. Martin Dudley (pictured). The Bishop has declared that the ceremony carried out by Dudley is illegal under current codes within …