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Learning to control your uncontrollable obsessions

Tell Trinity

Dear Trinity, How does one know when they are obsessed versus when they are strongly attached to someone? And, how do you control obsession? Obsessions, Albany, N.Y. Dear Obsessions, Everyone obsesses and I mean everyone! How well you control it versus how much it controls you distinguishes a “crazed” or obsessed desire from a healthy …

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Out in the Stars: June 14-27

Venus enters Cancer and infuses our hearts with mushy thoughts of love. But don’t lie back and wait for a delivery. Our ardor has new zing. So, let’s set our sights on the highest brass ring as we ride this crazy carousel. Grab for it. GEMINI (05.22-06.21) Pink Twins find themselves counting their pennies and …

Black Pride parties to a different beat

Cultural exclusion fuels growth of the movement

What started out in 1990 in Washington, D.C., as the only Black Gay Pride event in the country has grown to more than 35 gatherings nationwide. Starting in April and going through October of each year, LGBTQ people of African descent rev up for a weekend of social and cultural events. Just last year, more …

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Spirituality: St. Joseph sets a high standard

We can learn a great deal from the relationship between Joseph and Jesus

St. Joseph raised a child who was not his own, setting a standard of caring and acceptance that looks beyond traditional family relationships. Father’s Day is approaching, and Health & Wellness has cycled through to spirituality at an opportune time. At first I was going to consider the ways that God (whatever his name may …

What a fierce pageant scene out there, kiddies!

Drag Rag

The pageants have been as hot as the South in the summer! Imagine! I’ll start off with two corrections from the last Rag…the first runner-up at Miss NC FFI At large spells her name Thalya and the 1st RU at Miss Classique was Natalie Cole of Detroit; next in line were Scarlett Dailey and Petite …

Happy Father’s Day?

LGBT children often have challenging relationships with their dads

What if you don’t want to buy dad a tie? It’s that time of year again. And as horrible as it sounds to your friends and family who enjoy calling their fathers, you have admitted (yet again) that you hate the obligation of talking to dear old dad. And why shouldn’t you? Even television has …

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Braving the heat of summer

The Small Screen

As the days of summer come upon us, I know some of you will be going to various Pride events (Happy Pride Month!) and some of you will be traveling. But since a gallon of gas is more than my college tuition, it might be best to stay in, save money and stay cool. I …

Male rape victim shares his story, Part Two

Part Two: Alleged victim's dealings with assistance agencies

HICKORY, N.C. — The first half of this two-part series, published in the May 31 issue of Q-Notes, began with some eye-opening statistics. To recap: The U.S. Justice Department reports that one in every 10 rape victims is male. A national study found that three percent of American men (2.78 million) have been the victim …

British victim decries gay bashing

Global News Notes

British victim decries gay bashing LONDON, England — Police are investigating the anti-gay beating of a man who was attacked by three teenagers as he was walking home alone at night. The attackers, thought to be minors in their late teens, repeatedly kicked and punched Stephen Scott while shouting insults. Scott received treatment at a …

ACLU organizing Charlotte chapter

North Carplina News Notes

Charlotte ACLU organizing chapter CHARLOTTE — The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is in the process of reinstating a Queen City chapter, says Samantha Geller who serves on the steering committee along with other individuals, to activate this long-dormant activist organization. Currently, the committee is in the early stages of preparations so they can assist …