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10,000 come out for Pride Charlotte

CHARLOTTE — In its third successful year under the direction of Charlotte’s Lesbian and Gay Community Center, the 2008 Pride Charlotte festival enjoyed another record turnout. According to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, 10,000 people attended the day-long festival at uptown Gateway Village on July 26. Raine Cole, one of the festival’s co-chairs, said the event was …

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Camera tricks

Photographer Joe Oppedisano takes an 'Uncensored' journey

In this lamentable time when censorship runs amok and sex is still treated as something dirty, award-winning celeb/fashion photographer Joe Oppedisano daringly pushes the envelope with his arresting images of the human body.

At their best, his photos artistically explore the margins of raw sexuality — with hyper-masculinity being one of his favorite subjects. Through his lens, he captures a world inhabited by posing porn stars, rugged men openly engaging in bondage on urban sidewalks and hunky athletes surrounded by lush landscapes.

Major publications and corporations around the globe have long sought out Oppedisano, who is openly gay, for high-end commercial work — fashion spreads, cover shoots and advertising campaigns. These mainstream clients have included Esquire, New York Times Magazine, Men’s Health and Pepe Jeans. Oppedisano recently shot a 25th anniversary Calvin Klein spread for Italian magazine Collezioni Uomo.

Youths’ ‘springboard to the community’

New non-profit hopes to create virtual community of support

– – – advertisement – – – CHARLOTTE — The history of the LGBT movement is replete with examples of queer men and women who turned their difficult, youthful experiences into a drive to create a better world for themselves and others. Josh Starnes is aiming to do the same. With the help of his …

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False idols and the death god

Editor's Note

There’s something strange in the air. Do you smell it? Can you taste it? Christianity is changing, my friend. Well, maybe it’s more like a regression than anything else. The death god is making a comeback. Goodbye newly revealed understandings of the divine! Hello, Dark Ages! – – – advertisement – – – Democratic Presidential …

ManHunt: The law of supply and demand

Anything But Straight

Is ManHunt, the wildly popular online cruising site with the slogan “get on, get off,” a blessing or a curse for gay men? This is the question Out magazine writer Joseph Gross posed in one of the most provocative articles of the year. The Out commentary points to the benefits of the site, but posits …

‘Who would Jesus exclude?’

Western N.C. families organize for support

“Therefore, accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God.” This Bible verse, found in Romans 15:7, New American Standard Version, embodies the basis on which Christianity is based. Christians are expected to treat others with respect and acceptance, even if they don’t agree with some choices others make. – …

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Little Jackie could save your soul

Little Jackie — “The Stoop” (S-Curve) Regular readers of this column (hmmm, is that a bit like saying regular unicorns or regular leprechauns? anyway…) know that I love the ’60s soul-inspired revival that’s exploded in the U.K. the last year and a half. Amy Winehouse (“Back To Black”), Duffy (“Rockferry”) and Adele (“19”) have led …

Jim and I

General Gayety

The case of Jim Adkisson, the fellow who murdered churchgoers in Tennessee, brought up such a hodge-podge of thoughts and emotions for me that I couldn’t figure out how to write this column. I sat here for an hour puzzling how to begin. I think I heard my keyboard snore. I got a grip and …

Green Living: Ethical economics enrich the planet

Health & Wellness

Homophobia is endemic to impoverished places. Look at U.S. slums and the portions of America that are awash in paucity or crime. Privation is often combined with a lack of education and a dearth of cultural diversity as well. In short: Poor people often blame the rich, educated “other” for their miserable lot. And why …

Gay man set for Congress

National News Notes

Gay man looks set for Congress BOULDER, Colo. — Jared Polis (pictured) will likely become the first-ever openly gay man elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a non-incumbent. On Aug. 12, Polis won his Democratic primary to represent Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. As the Democratic nominee in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, Polis is …



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