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#TeamPregnantDad: Chapter 2

‘How did this happen?!’

The texts and phone notifications just kept coming. For hours after Duane wrote, “Well, looks like I’m gonna be a daddy” on Facebook, friends showered Liam and Duane with hundreds of “likes” and “Congratulations!”

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Exploring the world of drag

The History, Types and Tips for the Curious

The evolution of drag some say dates back to Shakespeare when men dressing as girls would perform plays on stage. Others say drag goes even further back in time.

Documentary series highlights familial struggles

‘A Love Supreme’ Documentary Explores Rupture, Isolation and Reconciliation Between Queer Black Southern Christians and Their Families

The online trailer for “A Love Supreme: Black, Queer, and Christian in the South,” is an upcoming documentary series following black Christian southern families striving to reconcile religiously instilled anti-LGBTQ beliefs with the immense love they have for their queer family members.

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Interview: Rev. Paul Whiting

New Spiritual Leader comes to MCC Charlotte

The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. … As someone who has been part of that growth for the last 40 years, Rev. Paul Whiting has witnessed many of the important events in LGBTQ history since the 1980s.

10 Questions with Vic: Featuring Jai Rodriguez

10 Questions with Vic: Featuring Jai Rodriguez

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since I first met Jai Rodriguez in the patio of since closed Here Lounge, a gay bar in West Hollywood, Calif. in 2003.

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Sarah Palin says I’m fat

Health & Wellness: Exercising My Demons

My very first therapist liked the theories of Jung. As such, my councilor brought my attention to the idea that we all have a source of darker energy within us. That makes perfect sense to me.

When Your Best Friend Is Too Nosey

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “I’ve had the same best friend for eight years. We’ve been through everything together. Now he’s bothering me about how I treat my partner. He says, ‘I have to be more understanding and less quick tempered!’ How do I get my friend to be less nosey and let me live my life?”