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Frances Kellor and the Birth of Multiculturalism

LGBT History Month: Radical Social Reformist

Frances Kellor defined herself as one of the most important and radical social reformists of her time. … She is credited with creating the concept, if not the term, of multiculturalism.

An unlikely advocate for gay rights emerges

LGBT History Month: America’s First Equality Governor

In April of 1975, a groundbreaking event occurred in the fight for gay and lesbian equal rights. In Pennsylvania, a state not generally known for liberal politics, a courageous and progressive governor, Milton J. Shapp, signed an executive order that banned discrimination in state government.

LGBT History Month — October 15: Sean Hayes

Award-Winning Actor

Sean Patrick Hayes is an actor, singer, comedian and producer best known for his role as Jack McFarland on NBC’s award-winning sitcom “Will and Grace.”

Lesbian Erasure: Part Two

LGBT History Month: Stepping away from the norm, Susan B. Anthony and others make their mark on society

Examples of lesbian sexuality are all over early American history. The 19th century saw a myriad of reasons why lesbianism was actually embraced, right up until the turn of the 20th century, when it wasn’t.