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The world of vaping explored

Younger Individuals Using New Alternative to Smoking

The question of the health effects of vaping and its long-touted efficacy as a tool to quit smoking usually follow any non-vaper discussion of the lifestyle.

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Breaking the Addiction

Wave Goodbye to Smoking

The harmful effects of smoking are well known. But knowing the risks of smoking and the benefits of stopping doesn’t make it any easier to quit.

Reap Health Benefits 48 Hours After Quitting Smoking

Body Responds to Changes, Senses Revived

“Within 48 hours of quitting smoking, health benefits begin,” said Dr. Steven Leers, a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery.

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How to convince an addict to get help

Six Tips for Assisting a Substance Abuser

Many people who struggle with alcohol or drugs have a difficult time getting better. There are many reasons why these people do not get the help they need to get better.

Hell, yes: an interview Erin McKeown

Queer Singer/Songwriter to Play in Asheville

Since the late 1990s, queer singer/songwriter Erin McKeown has been making a name for herself as a distinguished performer with a rich and pure distinctive vocal style.

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Barflies, Distant Men and Losers

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “I met someone at the bar who says he “wants to be with me,” yet doesn’t want to do non-bar related stuff together, not even a movie. When I confront him, he compares me to his abusive ex. Is there an unhealthy issue I haven’t figured out?”