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Dishing with Buff Faye – Page 2 – QNotes

Buff Faye’s favorite things

Dishing with Buff Faye

Finding that perfect gift for that special drag queen in your life is no easy task.

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Drag queen story time?

Dishing with Buff Faye

Reading is fundamental. The last few weeks, there seems to be a lot of talk about reading children’s stories. Who knew? And seemingly, some controversy was stirred up and lots of media attention ensued. Drama.

Take the quiz: Fierce enough to be a drag queen?

Dishing with Buff Faye

Practically anyone today thinks that they can be a drag queen. The good news is that this means that drag is popular as ever and that even Grandma can tell you who won Season 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The bad news is how do you know if you truly are fierce enough to be a drag queen?

A drag mother’s advice: 12 rules for being a drag queen

Dishing with Buff Faye

Mothers are special. It shouldn’t take Mother’s Day, which we celebrated in mid-May, for us to remember that. And for drag queens, it is always important to remember your drag mothers too. These are the drag queens who helped you be who you are today.