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Booty and the beach: Swimwear to accentuate your assets

Summer Fashion: Shake what your mama gave you in a kaleidoscope of prints and patterns prepped to get soaking wet

Step onto any gay beach — from Miami’s Haulover to Asbury Park’s 5th Ave. to Will Rogers Beach in Los Angeles — and you’ll bear witness to a veritable catwalk of loosey-goosey board shorts, fitted trunks and skintight Speedo-like swimwear. While anything goes on the summer’s sandy shores — especially if the area is clothing optional (better pack those dark lenses!) — this year’s styles continue last year’s thighs-the-limit trend with a twist: button-closure shorts with waist-specific sizing. Here we cultivate some of the more stimulating designs for 2017 with a smattering of tradition tossed in for good measure.

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LGBTQ designers, models light up the runway

Summer Fashion: Focus on fashionistas

Forget taboo — the cartoonish gay man playing dress-up with straight women has become the fashion world’s most wearisome cliché. Now qnotes’ summer style issue introduces some of the real-life figures breaking ground in a rapidly diversifying industry.

Local leather fashion retailers ‘delight’

Summer Fashion: Stores and sites for your leather needs provide adventure

We’ve all seen “leathermen” at Pride events. They boldly display their sexuality through provocative outfits that reveal just enough to tantalize the mind. It isn’t just men — women in leather are positively mouth-watering. And transgender or queer people in leather? They can tie me up anytime.

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Man’s ‘armor’ can be stylish and comfy

Tips for dressing your best from our fashion guru Dan Stroupe and local designer David Watkins

Suits are a man’s uniform and armor, a grand opportunity of expression, or a torture device killing you softly with every wear. Let’s be honest, the general majority of men hate wearing suits.

BRIEF shows off Charlotte fashion’s best assets

Event raises money for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, RAIN

The search for Charlotte’s hottest men began months ago and culminated in a thrilling evening of underwear model mayhem at this year’s “BRIEF: A Fete for Fashion.”

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