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Health and Wellness – Page 6 – QNotes

Spirituality: St. Joseph sets a high standard

We can learn a great deal from the relationship between Joseph and Jesus

St. Joseph raised a child who was not his own, setting a standard of caring and acceptance that looks beyond traditional family relationships. Father’s Day is approaching, and Health & Wellness has cycled through to spirituality at an opportune time. At first I was going to consider the ways that God (whatever his name may …

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Integration of the Seven Selves

Health & Wellness

It is often said that people who work out regularly have a higher standard of living. The obvious results can be seen in the body, but the improvements do not stop there. People who are fit tend to be more emotionally stable and confident. They tend to flourish in other areas of their lives. They …

Medical Wellness

Stressed out about stress

The word “stress” conjures negative images in most people’s minds. For good reason: Many types of stress are not only unpleasant, but they have been shown to adversely affect all the various modalities of health. Stress can cause a chain reaction that begins as physical or emotional harm, but which undermines psychological, social, financial, spiritual …

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Green Living: Alternative fuels make headway

Health and Wellness

As if security weren’t already a good enough reason to get off petroleum-based fuel sources, their escalating price is a wonderful motivation to stop using them completely. With oil and gas becoming ever more problematic for a variety of political, economic, inter-cultural and environmental reasons, alternative fuels are making great gains as we reduce our …

Spirituality: Spring into the labyrinth

Health and Wellness

Throughout the world there are religions that celebrate the arrival of spring as a time of renewal. It is easy to understand why this season inspires awe in our spirits: In places where there are four distinct seasons, spring is the time when the world seems to burst into green, life and light after months …