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The Matter of Black Lives

Health & Wellness: There is not Parity for Health and Wellness for Black People

I would like to discuss two specific medical issues that have an especially detrimental effect on Black people in this country. Those being hypertension and diabetes.

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Vaccination in North Carolina

Health & Wellness: What to Know About Getting It

After Operation Warp Speed, the delivery of COVID-19 vaccine has happened much more slowly than originally hoped, and there has been no federal effort to standardize distribution amongst the states.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Health & Wellness: Two Local Residents Volunteer for Testing

After only nine months there are already multiple potentially-viable vaccines available around the world to inoculate people against the novel coronavirus.

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Healthier Holiday Recipes

Health & Wellness: All the Flavor, None of the Guilt

Although it has been a very hectic year, 2020 has also been a very fast year. We are quickly approaching 2021, and it is important as much as possible to eat healthy food during uncertain times. Food is medicine, and it can help mitigate the damage our bodies suffer because of stress.

Building Your Ideal Male Physique

Health & Wellness: How to Maximize Your Masculine Silhouette

As we focus on and celebrate our trans friends and family, let’s also take a moment to celebrate their bodies.

The 49 Professions of Joy

Health & Wellness: Creativity During COVID-19

Something that has had a negative impact on many people during the pandemic is boredom. A funny meme I saw reads, “Welp, it’s good to know that being too busy wasn’t what kept me from cleaning my house.”

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Raw versus Cooked Food

Health & Wellness: How Heat Affects Nutrition

Nutrition often gets overly complicated by well-intending people. Sometimes we are told an entire category of food is bad — the fear of fat in the latter half of the twentieth century is a good example.

Fruit is Nature’s Candy

Health & Wellness: Except that isn’t a Fair Comparison

One of the ironies about nutrition is that so much information is readily available and known about it, that almost no one outside of specialists knows anything about it. That’s including most doctors.

Community Financial Wellness

Health & Wellness: Pyramid Schemes versus a True Su Su

Money is becoming an even worse stressor than it already was, and now a pyramid scheme is making its timely way around the Internet.

Wellness on a Budget

Health & Wellness: Staying Healthy During Insecure Times

It seems that 2020 will be a year to remember for many dynamic reasons. My concern is that general public wellness could break down in the face of an unprecedented combination of crises in public health, economic shocks and civil unrest.