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Health & Wellness – Page 2 – QNotes

Ripped Abs

Health and Wellness: Getting to the Core of the Situation

There’ve been many signifiers of fitness and beauty over the years. … In 2018 USA we value visible six packs.

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Innercise: Emotional Wellness

Health & Wellnes: In My Fillings

I felt something punch me in the chest so hard that I felt the wind knocked out of me. For a few moments I thought it was my ex. They look that similar.

Eccentric Strength and Negative Training

Health & Wellness: A counterintuitive style of exercise to increase strength

There are a variety of efforts that we use in our daily lives to accomplish all the tasks we perform. In exercise those tasks get really specific, in order to train for very particular goals.

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Muscle Pain and Magnesium Sulfate

Health & Wellness: Does Epsom salt help diminish lactic acid burn?

My arms are so shot from a chest workout followed the next day by a shoulder workout that the throbbing in my triceps kept me awake a few nights.