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Holidays – QNotes

Fun ‘holi-daytrip’ destinations this season

Take a day trip for holiday fun with friends and family

The holidays can be a stressful time. Parties to attend. Dinners to plan. Presents to buy. Family to visit. If it’s all becoming a bit too much, take a break!

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Christmas in the Queen City

Charlotte offers holiday fun throughout the festive, wintery season

Just because it’s starting to get cold outside, there’s no excuse for not getting out of the house this December.

Holiday gifts for your foodie friends

Gifts for food-lovers guaranteed to leave taste buds dancing

Between the growing trends of boutique restaurants, creative home cooking and entire television networks dedicated to food, you probably know a few people who consider themselves “foodies.”

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Holiday Time: Gracious etiquette tips to survive holiday gatherings

Replacements, Ltd. etiquette coach provides expert tips

Whether you are hosting a fantastic holiday gathering or you’re the gracious guest, ask yourself this question: Are you comfortable with your knowledge of etiquette? Are you confident in your table manners or do you admit you take your cue by watching those around you?

Holiday Gift Guide: Bells are ringing for local shopping

Local shops offer plethora of holiday gift-giving inspiration

The time has fallen back. The leaves are changing colors. Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is on its way. Now is the time people start poking around trying to find the perfect gift for that friend or loved one on their winter holiday list.

Holiday Gift Guide: Spin the dreidel and light the menorah

Lots of eclectic and traditional offerings to suit any palette

One of the best gifts that people enjoy is getting a new menorah. This Judaic religious item is used when lighting the candles throughout the season. And, many of them are so lovely or eclectic that they can be seen adorning shelves throughout the home.

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Cool Yule: Holidays 2012

Ways to enjoy the holidays and the winter season ahead

Pull out your scarves, long coats and mittens! qnotes style columnist Daniel Stroupe graces the page with his tips and advice for fabulous winter-season style. Additionally, we have Carolina winter destinations, holiday recipes and gift-giving ideas just for you.

Crisp English Style for Winter

Toasty warm with the sense of a cheery ol’ chap

Theater Charlotte is presenting “The Foreigner” from Jan. 25 – Feb. 10. The play revolves around a couple of Englishmen, Charlie Baker and Staff Sgt. Froggy LeSueur visiting a fishing lodge in Georgia. This comedy is full of intrigue as Charlie wants to just be left alone, so they feign that he does not know a word of English. He has to keep up the ruse as he hears the secrets and gossip of the local townsfolk in this classic comedy by Larry Shue.

Winter excursions in North Carolina

Close-to-home holiday events and winter ski travel

Winter is on its way. With it comes the expected cold weather and the doldrums of bleak, gray skies. Kids look forward to snow and days out of school. Grown-ups look toward breaking the monotony of the coldest, darkest part of the year. Whether you’re a winter lover or the I-can’t-wait-until-spring-and-summer-returns kind of person, there’s plenty to keep you occupied this season.