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20 Questions – QNotes

20 Questions: David Aaron Moore, Charlotte

David Aaron Moore is the author of “Charlotte: Murder, Mystery and Mayhem.” From 2003-2007, he was the editor of qnotes. Since that time, his writings have appeared in multiple publications throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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20 Questions: Dr. Rhett Brown, Charlotte

Pay attention, boys and girls. When this column gets up to 88 miles per hour, Doc Brown is gonna show us some serious shi…wait -— what’s that?

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20 Questions: Gregg Beard, Charlotte

Gregg Beard is originally from Lenoir, N.C. As a teen and young adult he was a champion ice skater who held several titles during his career. A subsequent marriage produced a girl, Ashley, and a boy, Brad. For many years he owned and operated Park 51 Salon in Charlotte.

20 Questions: Connie Vetter, Charlotte

Charlotte attorney Connie Vetter is well known in the LGBT community, both for her professional and civic endeavors. Through her advocacy in a number of state and local organizations, she has worked to make North Carolina — and the Queen City in particular — a better place for us all.

20 Questions: Kennith Chrismon, Charlotte

It won’t be long before it’s completely routine for Kennith Chrismon, a recent Charlotte transplant, to be told by complete strangers: “I know you from somewhere, but I don’t know where from.” No worries, it happens to all White Rabbit employees.

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20 Questions: Bruce Claus, NoPo

Bruce Claus doesn’t live in the Tar Heel state, but the “confirmed bachelor” says his work with the family business — an international manufacturing and distribution non-profit — brings him to the area at least once a year.

20 Questions: LeMond E. Hart, Charlotte

In a typical day LeMond Hart wears several different hats…and sometimes several different shirts, pants and shoes, too. You see, in addition to being a student, a partner in a long-term relationship, a father figure and a veteran, he’s also a model.

20 Questions: Chris Hood, Charlotte

Chris Hood loves living and working in Charlotte. “I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon,” he declares. We believe him — the guy puts down roots. Hood grew up in Rock Hill, where he was “very active in sports and the community.” He left the city to attend Clemson University and after graduating in 2010, he went back home, got a job with a financial firm and came out.

20 Questions: T. Randall Jones, Charlotte

T. Randall Jones (Tia) is a writer, activist, occasional poet and accidental songwriter. She tells 20Qs, “I write to uplift, inspire and celebrate LGBT people of faith and to affect positive change by telling their stories.”