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Our People – Page 13 – QNotes

20 Questions: T. Randall Jones, Charlotte

T. Randall Jones (Tia) is a writer, activist, occasional poet and accidental songwriter. She tells 20Qs, “I write to uplift, inspire and celebrate LGBT people of faith and to affect positive change by telling their stories.”

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20 Questions: Jacob Whipple, Charlotte

Two years ago Jacob Whipple moved to the Queen City from Salt Lake City. The home automation manufacturer he works for needed a corporate trainer in Charlotte and Jacob grew up in the area and has family here.

20 Questions: Wesley Thompson, Charlotte

Wesley Thompson dreamed of growing up and practicing medicine. That is, when he wasn’t dreaming of growing up and becoming Darrin Stephens and marrying a martini-making enchantress. “Once I realized I couldn’t have a witch for a wife,” he says, “guys were my next option!”

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20 Questions: Beverly Mitzel, Charlotte

Beverly Mitzel’s life is devoted to caregiving and service. It’s what she does both on the job, as a CARE manager at the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network, and at home, raising — along with her partner Sonja Austin — four adopted, special needs children, all under the age of 14.

20 Questions: David Sewell aka Starla DaVinci, Charlotte

Becoming a drag star wasn’t enough for David Sewell, so he became a drag starla instead. Starla DaVinci, that is. The 26-year-old Aquarius is a native Charlottean and popular member of the city’s vibrant drag scene.

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20 Questions: David Stout, Charlotte

Since I started this column, a few regular readers (hush your mouth, they exist!) have asked me when I plan to feature myself. I’m really not one to demand attentio…Hey! Sit down, sister!

20 Questions: Jef Madden, Charlotte

20 Questions

Photographer Jef Madden is establishing himself as the go-to guy for shooting community events like the AIDSWalk and Pride Charlotte and for documenting LGBT-themed projects like The Human Canvas, Project Colors and the mural that’s currently being painted on the White Rabbit store.

20 Questions: Janice Covington, Charlotte

Janice has been an out and proud trans activist for 42 of her 65 years. In the far shorter time that 20 Questions has known her — did we mention far shorter? — we have been admirers of both her involvement and her fashion sense (which, with all due respect to the woman Janice claims as her personal style icon, we believe was most heavily influenced by Mrs. Johnson of Harper Valley).