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Out in the Stars – QNotes

Out in the Stars: October 2014

Passion stirs up out Octoberfest as four planets dance around in Scorpio at some time in the month. What is actually brewing below the surface? We will definitely find out. Boo!

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Out in the Stars: August 2014

August grabs us by the short hairs and gives us a tug. Energetic Mars manages to angle and touch almost every planet through the month. Feistiness rules and removes all boundaries and barriers. Ouch and wow! Where do I start?

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Out in the Stars: July 2014

A cavalcade of outer planets retrograde through July creating unexpected, dramatic and transformative life changes. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn all rock and roll. My advice — stay away from falling rock zones.

Out in the Stars: May 2014

Let the welcomed warm weather wash all over us this May, but be prepared for a surprising scorcher as vast Jupiter squares sparky Uranus. Pack the sun screen…or is it the cooking oil?

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Out in the Stars: April 2014

The Sun and Mercury conjunct with Uranus as part of a Grand Cross with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto — and all six planets are in cardinal signs. April showers a heck of a lot of planetary energy into the cosmos. Will it be a rain or meteor shower? Pack an umbrella…and a helmet.

Out in the Stars: March 2014

There is no better time than this March to tap into your well of inspiration and see where it takes you as Mercury conjuncts Neptune in intuitive Pisces. Will you come in like a lion and out like a lamb? Better to try be roaring out all through the month.

Out in the Stars: January 2014

A parade of planets traipse through Capricorn this January giving the chilly air a definitive purpose and profitable goal. Let’s go for the gusto and see how success can change us…or give us extra change.