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Out in the Stars – Page 2 – QNotes

Out in the Stars: December 2013

The planets get into mischief this December as Venus retrogrades and rubs the Sun, Mercury and Pluto. Ho ho ho. Prepare for love run amok, lumps in your stocking and a smoking yule.

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Out in the Stars: October 2013

There is a lot of passionate Scorpio energy zesting up the cosmos this coming out month of October with Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Sun all dipping into the sign at some point. We feel our oats and might encourage others to feel them too. Just be careful who and where you feel. Oops!!

Out in the Stars: September 2013

Thoughts run amok this September as Mercury forms a Grand Cross with retro Pluto and Uranus. Sparkling ideas can spark a fire, so be careful when you strike up a conversation. Is it hot in here or is it you? Ouch!

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Out in the Stars: August 16 – 29

Mars in Cancer consolidates and considers action carefully. This is good. It gets you ready for the next step. So, prepare for when Mars enters Leo later this month and you pick up steam to forge ahead. You’re learning a thing or two. Show ‘em what for.

Out in the Stars: July 19 – August 1

Sun in Leo heats up our otherwise cool existence. Our lives become vibrant and colorful and we feel as if we could charm the world with one big toothy grin

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Out in the Stars: June 6 – 20

Venus advances into Cancer, conjuncts retrograde Mercury and opposes Pluto. Oh, my! Our hearts and minds charge ahead and lead us into grand temptation…or deep potholes…into which we inevitably fall.