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Out in the Stars – Page 3 – QNotes

Out in the Stars: April 12 – 25

Retrograde Saturn and Pluto sextile. Whoops! Who moved my cheese? And why is it being spread on a kaiser roll? Life is one big dramatic surprise which leads to powerful opportunities. A pox on those who sit by and passively watch the action. It’s time to roll.

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Out in the Stars: March 1 – 14

Out in the Stars

Retrograde Saturn trines retrograde Mercury and provides unintended consequences for any wistful day dream or idle thought.

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Out in the Stars: February 1-14

There is magic in the air when three personal planets — Mercury, Venus and Mars — all change signs. Prepare for a cool sip of serendipity delivered with a jolt of caffeine. Just be sure to capitalize on every frothy dream and whip it up into a frenzy.

Out in the Stars: January 18 – 31

Both Mercury and the Sun move into Aqueerius and wreak happy havoc in our orderly little lives. And, not a moment too soon! We shed our inhibitions and embrace the world with verve, zest and a bit of optimism. Give it a squeeze and don’t expect to slide along strictly on your personal oil.

Out in the Stars: Jan. 4-17

Let’s see where our emotions take us as Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Armed with boundless love, optimism and a spark of energy, we take a leap of faith off any and all cliffs. Take a risk. Yippee! What a cool and refreshing feeling…all the way down.