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Out in the Stars – Page 8 – QNotes

Out in the Stars: May 28-June 10

Take advantage of National Coming Out month by harnessing the energy of a bunch of planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun — in flirtatious Gemini. Your social quotient soars and your flair for flair escalates. Show your pearlies for the camera, you charmer you.

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Out in the Stars: May 14-27

We hit a planetary trifecta as Mars, Venus and Mercury all move into Taurus. Suddenly, we find that our hearts, minds and actions are in sync. Full speed ahead, compadres. No parking, unless you are asked to.

Out in the Stars: April 30-May 13

If this time period starts out hot and heavy, blame Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in energetic Aries. When is too much too too much? You may not know your outer limits. Maybe that is a good thing?

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Out in the Stars: April 2-15

We can fall head over heels for just another pretty face, especially when Neptune enters Pisces and conjuncts Venus. Will it be just another fling once the dust settles or will it be something much more? Let’s guess.

Out in the Stars: March 19-April 1

There is some powerful energy in the air when the Sun moves into Aries. It’s time to jump start things, enter into new, exciting territory and take charge! But let’s also know when to take a break and re-charge for the next surge.

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Out in the Stars: March 5-18

Venus moves into Aqueerius and conjuncts dizzy Neptune. This means that we can tip our love boat and fall overboard. Our amour can take to the high seas or go adrift on some sand barge. Pack a thermos and crackers for any extended stay.

Out in the Stars: Feb. 19-March 4

The Sun enters Pisces, stirring our intuition, spirituality and even offering a chance at romance. Keep your eyes open for any saucy and mushy opportunity. But, hold the apple sauce. AQUARIUS (01.21-02.19) A fool and their money are soon parted. Money takes on a different hazy hue. You think it buys happiness and may go …

Out in the Stars: Feb. 5-18

Love can be easy. Love can be tough. But any type of love is welcome as Venus makes its move into practical Capricorn. Make your best moves and see if they pay off. Oh, is it that kind of love?

Out in the Stars: Jan. 22-Feb. 4

The Sun enters Aqueerius setting us off in new directions and engaging us in a fight for right, justice or whatever. The point here is to pick your battles and wage them after you reinforce your battlements. Don’t allow your flanks to be exposed, unless that is your plan.