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A&E / Life&Style – Page 2 – QNotes

Magic To Do

An Interview with Gay Illusionist and Actor Michael Carbonaro

Forget Harry Potter! If you aren’t under the spell of gay illusionist Michael Carbonaro then you don’t know what you’re missing.

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Daily dating affirmation: really?

Tell Trinity

A reader asks: “Why does dating always have to be so negative and draining? Isn’t there some way for getting through the daily sludge of dating?”

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E-book for LGBTQ home buyers released by real estate entrepreneur

Jeffrey Hammerberg Shares Purchasing Tips

Jeff Hammerberg, founding CEO of, a service connecting clients with compatible agents, has released his new e-book “Real Estate Tips for the LGBTQ Home Buyer: Your Guide to Purchasing the Home of Your Dreams” for free download.

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Spring Is Blooming

Gardens Showcase Some of the Best of Nature the Carolinas Has to Offer

Across the Carolinas, gardens are coming abloom with the coming of spring. Each of them share their unique showcasing of nature’s foliage against the landscape.

Maintaining a Tradition

An Interview with gay poet Jericho Brown

Jericho Brown is a gay poet. Poets are known for their economy of language. That said, as a storyteller (and one telling his own story with a blend of humor and honesty), Brown has a lot to say.

10 Questions by Vic: Featuring Maria Conchita Alonso

Renaissance Actresses, Singer, Advocate

Maria Conchita Alonso is a Renaissance Woman as she has done it all and is on the prime of her career. She has starred in films with Robin Williams, Michael Keaton, Ted Danson, Arnold Schwartezeneger and Sean Penn, just to name a few.

Square Foot Gardening

Health & Wellness: Easy, Efficient and Varied Home Grown Nutrition

Of all the formats and styles of gardening I have encountered in my research, the one that makes me the most eager to one day give my hopefully green thumb free rein is Square Foot Gardening.