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A&E / Life&Style – Page 238 – QNotes

‘Save Me’ — Our salvation from bad melodrama

The Big Screen

“Save Me” was filmed on location in the middle of a metaphorical minefield and escaped unscathed. You’ve never seen a better balancing act at the circus. With emotions running so hot on both sides there may not be a market for a fair and balanced (not in the Fox News sense) drama, even a good …

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Tips for maintaining your home while on vacation

Taking a vacation at the end of the peak summer traveling season might be cheaper and easier, but returning from your trip to go back to work, catch up on a backlog of projects and open a stack of bills that accumulated during a blissful absence will still be tough. Some things — especially the …

Maddow paving the way

The Small Screen

In this political season, Republicans and Democrats, right and left, and third party will become common words with which we are all familiar. But words we are not used to hearing in the same sentence are “lesbian,” “news” and “host.” Rachel Maddow has changed all of that. Air America talk show host and political commentator …

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Camera tricks

Photographer Joe Oppedisano takes an 'Uncensored' journey

In this lamentable time when censorship runs amok and sex is still treated as something dirty, award-winning celeb/fashion photographer Joe Oppedisano daringly pushes the envelope with his arresting images of the human body.

At their best, his photos artistically explore the margins of raw sexuality — with hyper-masculinity being one of his favorite subjects. Through his lens, he captures a world inhabited by posing porn stars, rugged men openly engaging in bondage on urban sidewalks and hunky athletes surrounded by lush landscapes.

Major publications and corporations around the globe have long sought out Oppedisano, who is openly gay, for high-end commercial work — fashion spreads, cover shoots and advertising campaigns. These mainstream clients have included Esquire, New York Times Magazine, Men’s Health and Pepe Jeans. Oppedisano recently shot a 25th anniversary Calvin Klein spread for Italian magazine Collezioni Uomo.

Little Jackie could save your soul

Little Jackie — “The Stoop” (S-Curve) Regular readers of this column (hmmm, is that a bit like saying regular unicorns or regular leprechauns? anyway…) know that I love the ’60s soul-inspired revival that’s exploded in the U.K. the last year and a half. Amy Winehouse (“Back To Black”), Duffy (“Rockferry”) and Adele (“19”) have led …

Green Living: Ethical economics enrich the planet

Health & Wellness

Homophobia is endemic to impoverished places. Look at U.S. slums and the portions of America that are awash in paucity or crime. Privation is often combined with a lack of education and a dearth of cultural diversity as well. In short: Poor people often blame the rich, educated “other” for their miserable lot. And why …

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Babbit’s bungled boob job

Out on DVD: 'Itty Bitty Titty Committee'

How serious can a movie be with a title like “Itty Bitty Titty Committee?” Too serious, unfortunately; certainly more serious than we‘re expecting from Jamie Babbit, the lesbian director of “But I’m a Cheerleader.”? She’s still political but, with a script by Tina Mabry and Abigail Shafran, “Itty” is more like the strident feminist films …

Sex appeal: Fighting it or finding it within yourself

Tell Trinity

Dearest Trinity, I’m so sick of the “beautiful people” getting all the attention. Don’t you think that all this importance on beauty and sex appeal is making life too competitive? Beauty Queasy, Minneapolis, Minn. Dearest Beauty Queasy, Sorry to burst your competitive bubble but beauty will always be competitive, always be in style and always …

Out in the Stars: Aug. 23-Sept. 5

Consolidate your gains as the Sun moves into stable Virgo. Not only can you turn a practical eye to the issues at hand, you can also build your future on solid ground and not on shifting sands. Unless of course you are relaxing at the beach. LEO (07.24-08.23) Even though the stock market has had …

This just in

The gorgeous Isis, seen here, is one of the 14 models competing to win over Tyra, Mr. Jay, Ms. J and all the other judges in the upcoming cycle of “America’s Next Top Model.” What’s so fab about her, other than the fact that she has legs for days and will surely give the other …