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A&E / Life&Style – Page 239 – QNotes

Mortgage crisis failed industry

Real estate crisis a concern for home owners, buyers

The current real estate crisis was precipitated by problems in the mortgage industry closely related to reckless Wall Street players. In other words, the tail has been wagging the dog and that is never a good sign. But as lenders adopt smarter policies to distance themselves from mavericks and unnecessary risk, it will be good …

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Deportistas universitarios en problemas por aparecer en sitio porno gay

Para Todos

Deportistas universitarios en problemas por aparecer en sitio porno gay Dos luchadores de wrestling de la Universidad de Nebraska fueron eliminados de su equipo luego de aparecer en un sitio web de porno gay exhibiendo sus cuerpos y sus excitadas partes privadas. John Marsh, el dueño del sitio web asegura haber sido contactado por …

Waltzing to the tune of a different song

Gerald Gurss takes One Voice helm in time for upcoming season

From Southern Baptist church boy to Queen City queer chorus director, Gerald Gurss’ life has been a continuous journey of vibrancy, innovation, energy and passion. This fall, Gurss takes the helm of the city’s One Voice Chorus, an LGBT-affirming ensemble of men and women of all ages. Gurss, 30, recently moved to Charlotte from Emporia, …

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Performance artist and activist … fights HIV discrimination

Matthew Cusick filed a suit that has helped to provide people with HIV/AIDS more job security.

Matthew Cusick is a professional performance artist. To call him an aerialist is an oversimplification. Although he is a highly accomplished gymnast who was once invited to be on a competition-level team in Washington, D.C., he has many physical skills and strengths that go beyond the solo work practiced in gymnastics. He is also more …

2 be, or not 2 be

Steve Coogan plays it straight (kinda) in the Outfest Award-winning ‘Hamlet 2’

With the queer premise of an offbeat high school drama teacher putting on a controversial musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy featuring song titles like “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” and “Gay as the Day is Long,” is it any wonder why “Hamlet 2” earned the Audience Award at July’s Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles? …

My pet, my friend, my familiar

Magical bonds exist between some people and their furry friends

When I think about “my” cat, I smile and get teary eyed. I love him intensely. He doesn’t belong to me, he belongs with me. He is more than just a pet, he is a friend. He makes me laugh out loud in true joy (which is more than I can say for just about …

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A heap of pageants, loaded with lots of fun!

Drag Rag

Howdy, folks! Thanks for joining me once again for a little pageantry chit-chat. By the time you read this, we’ll have a new Miss Continental, so you know next time we’ll have lovely things to chat about. On the horizon, we also have Miss Gay America and Miss U.S.ofA. at Large, all before the year …

Hello in there…he’s married

Tell Trinity

Dear Trinity, I met someone who is really great but “really” married. I can’t decide whether to spend time with him or not. Is it really that wrong to date someone married? Undecided, Indianapolis, Ind. Dear Undecided, Yes, it’s wrong, but that’s never stopped anyone. Dating a married man can promise an exciting life of …

Medical Wellness: Holistic alternatives to Western medicine

Health and Wellness

Western medicine is a miracle of science in many ways. The research and technology that have grown and developed through it are amazing; however, there are side effects to all this progress. Reactions to immunizations, outbreaks of more virile infections and overpopulation are becoming more troublesome. There are also environmental concerns such as medicine finding …

Out in the Stars: Sept. 6-19

The best thing about beating your head against the wall is that it feels so good when you stop. Or, maybe the good feeling returns when Pluto redirects. Come through the pain and experience the enlightenment. The monkey on your back gets a job at a banana stand. Relax and collect the rent. VIRGO (08.24-09.23) …