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Special Coverage: Marriage in N.C. – QNotes

N.C. magistrates sue for right to discriminate against LGBT couples

LGBT group condemns lawsuit as 'futile attempt' to 'pick and choose' which laws to follow

Two magistrates in North Carolina are suing the state, claiming their religious rights were violated when they were told they must serve all citizens seeking marriage licenses. The magistrates claim they have a right not to serve same-gender couples.

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Tillis, Berger want Supreme Court to hear N.C. marriage case

The leaders of North Carolina’s state legislature filed motions with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday asking it to put on hold its hearings in their appeals over state’s anti-LGBT marriage amendment.

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LGBT marriages to begin in South Carolina on Thursday

Same-gender couples will be able to legally wed in South Carolina starting tomorrow, finally bringing legal marriage equality to the state more than a month after the U.S. Supreme Court set of a chain reaction of legal filings and court hearings.

Gaston to consider anti-gay resolution

Leaders in Gaston County are scheduled to hear a resolution opposing LGBT marriage equality and the continued defense of North Carolina’s anti-gay marriage amendment at their meeting this Thursday.

N.C. magistrate and minister uses Bible to defend civil gay marriage

Pastor and magistrate says: 'Civil marriage and Holy matrimony are not the same even though semantically they use the same word.'

One magistrate in North Carolina — who’s also an ordained minister — is using the very same scriptures conservatives have used to blast legal same-gender marriages to instead defend it.

Pastor attacks gay judicial candidate at GOP press conference

GOP House leader stands by while pastor calls former judge and court candidate a 'flaming homosexual'

An anti-LGBT pastor known for his advocacy against LGBT equality and marriage went on the attack against an openly gay judicial candidate at a press conference yesterday hosted by Republican House Majority Leader Paul Stam.