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Federal court issues groundbreaking ruling protecting LGBTQ workers

7th Circuit Court panel rules sexual orientation discrimination prohibited under Title VII

In a landmark decision for LGBTQ rights, a full panel of the 7th Circuit Court has ruled that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation constitutes sex discrimination and is therefore prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. This is the first ruling of its kind from a federal court and contradicts a recent ruling by the 11th Circuit which found that sexual orientation was not covered under Title VII.

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HB2 repeal passes with key provisions infuriating LGBTQ advocates

HB 142 keeps local governments from banning discrimination

In a rushed collaboration not publicized until yesterday, North Carolina General Assembly Republican leadership crafted an HB2 repeal bill that activists are calling “HB 2.0.” The bill, HB 142, passed through Senate and House chambers and was signed by Gov. Cooper despite LGBTQ advocates calling for the governor to veto the measure.

Owner of Rock Hill gay club fatally shoots man

The Hide-A-Way, a successful gay club for three decades, was the scene of a violent incident in the early morning hours of Sunday, Jan. 15. One man died in the hospital of a gunshot wound, shot by the bar’s owner.

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Activists, community members on both sides of CMS trans protections debate speak out at board meeting

Activists and community members both for and against transgender protections in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spoke out before and during a board meeting on Tuesday, which at times turned contentious. The North Carolina Values Coalition, a longtime fighter against equal rights for the LGBTQ community, held a rally ahead of the meeting. Proponents of the changes were also …

Gov. McCrory heckles only openly gay member of the NCGA over loss of NBA All-Star Game

Nothing is ever Gov. McCrory’s fault. If there is anything he enjoys more than flying our state into the cliffs, it is claiming someone else made him do it. He has repeatedly tried to blame the Charlotte City Council for their supposed “overreach” in providing equal protection to the LGBT community, also known as pulling us …

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N.C. House leadership drafts HB2 changes, no repeal in sight

N.C. House leadership has drafted changes to HB2 in response to pressure from the NBA, set to hold their 2017 All Star Game in Charlotte. The North Carolina General Assembly claimed Charlotte’s LGBT non-discrimination ordinance forced them to pass HB2, which not only overrides all non-discrimination in the state but also prevents transgender individuals from …

Charlotte City Council removes “economic impact of HB2” from meeting, does not vote on repeal of ordinance

The Charlotte City Council removed the topic of the economic impact of HB2 and opted not take a vote on the repeal of the expanded LGBT non-discrimination ordinance at Monday night’s dinner meeting, which had been feared by community members and non-profit groups. Related: LGBT rights groups urge Charlotte City Council not to compromise with NCGA over HB2 …