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Health and human service ‘religious freedom’ expansion threatens LGBTQ citizens’ health

Rule Encourages Discrimination, Harmful to Health of LGBTQ Individuals

LGBTQ citizens’ access to healthcare just got a little more tenuous based in the so called “Denial of Care Rule,” which basically allows anyone who expresses a moral or religious objection to deny treating LGBTQ individuals, those living with HIV/AIDS and women seeking reproductive care.

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Tennessee passes anti-trans legislation

Slate of Hate bills gain traction

Against opposition from business interests and LGBTQ activists, Tennessee legislators are continuing to advance homophobic and transphobic bills, the so called “Slate of Hate.”

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Indian gay price welcomes events travelers

Beyond the Carolinas

On a recent excursion to India, travelers on a tour through India with Miami Beach-based Source Events engaged in an up-close and personal dialogue at a private reception with Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, India’s openly gay royal who has become one of the country’s most vocal advocates for LGBTQ rights.

Poll shows majority of North Carolinians against conversion therapy

Results Show Rare Bipartisan Agreement Among Legislators

New polling data affirms that an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians from every political affiliation support the prevention of licensed medical professionals from conducting so-called “conversion therapy” on LGBTQ minors and disabled adults.