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SC out candidate Ketner stumps at DNC

DENVER, Colo. – Linda Ketner, the Demnocratic Party nominee for Congress from South Carolina’s First Congressional District, received star treatment in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. Picture right: Ketner speaks at the LGBT Caucus meeting on Aug. 27. Photo Credit: Ian Palmquist. On Wednesday, August 27, she spoke to the South Carolina delegation breakfast …

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Fighting AIDS with sex

Youth and gay/bi men are bearing the burden of the epidemic

In early August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released revised figures on the number of new U.S. HIV infections each year. The updated statistics revealed an increase of more than 16,000 cases over the agency’s previous estimate of 40,000 new infections annually — even though rates declined for injection drug users and heterosexuals.

The stunning news was met with a flurry of media coverage.

LGBT activists and AIDS service organizations (ASOs) immediately took notice of the fact that the CDC said the burden of new HIV infections is “greatest among gay and bisexual men of all races.” Of the total 56,300 new HIV infections each year, a full 53 percent of them occur in gay/bisexual men and men who have sex with men (MSM).

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LGBTs will make their mark at Dem convention

N.C. will send six LGBT delegates, S.C. will send none

WASHINGTON, D.C. — When state delegations head to Denver, Colo., for the Democratic National Convention Aug. 25-28, they’ll be bringing with them more representation from the LGBT community than ever before. According to the National Stonewall Democrats, overall LGBT participation in the quadrennial Democratic convention will increase 27 percent from the 2004 convention. Stonewall said …

Youths’ ‘springboard to the community’

New non-profit hopes to create virtual community of support

CHARLOTTE — The history of the LGBT movement is replete with examples of queer men and women who turned their difficult, youthful experiences into a drive to create a better world for themselves and others. Josh Starnes is aiming to do the same. With the help of his friend Ashley Larson, Starnes has taken his …

‘Who would Jesus exclude?’

Western N.C. families organize for support

“Therefore, accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God.” This Bible verse, found in Romans 15:7, New American Standard Version, embodies the basis on which Christianity is based. Christians are expected to treat others with respect and acceptance, even if they don’t agree with some choices others make. Somewhere …

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Gay man set for Congress

National News Notes

Gay man looks set for Congress BOULDER, Colo. — Jared Polis (pictured) will likely become the first-ever openly gay man elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a non-incumbent. On Aug. 12, Polis won his Democratic primary to represent Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. As the Democratic nominee in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, Polis is …

PM not authorized to rebuke MP

PM not authorized to rebuke MP LONDON, England — As previously reported by Q-Notes, Member of Parliament Iris Robinson (Democratic Unionist Party — Strangford, North Ireland, pictured) has begun a radio campaign exhorting LGBT people to seek therapy and calling homosexuality an abomination. Robinson describes herself as a born again Christian and has publicly stated …

Diner event a deal breaker, GGF begins campaign

North Carolina News Notes

Charlotte   Diner event a deal breaker CHARLOTTE — The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Carolinas has announced its first 2009 Gala “Let’s Make a Deal” Diner event to be held on Aug. 26 at Alley Cat, 314 N. College St., at 7 p.m. This soirée will help launch the theme of “Imagine.” For two years, …

AFFA’s Next Ten Pledge

South Carolina News Notes

‘Next Ten Pledge’ CHARLESTON — The Alliance for Full Acceptance (AFFA) is challenging community members and AFFA supporters to help them raise $10,000 by Sept. 30. The organization has operated in the Charleston area for 10 years. In that time, the group has garnered more than 1,600 members, created an award-winning TV, radio, print and …