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Editorial – Page 5 – QNotes

A note on gender-neutral pronouns

In this issue, we explore LGBT and queer youth, their thoughts on our community and the ways they are helping to shape our community’s future. We also profile Charlotte youth Loan Tran, a 15-year-old rising sophomore at Phillip O. Berry High School, who attended President Barack Obama’s LGBT Pride Month reception at the White House …

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Exciting changes for Q-Notes

Staff Editorial: Letter from the Publisher

The Q-Notes staff is excited to announce two new changes we hope will streamline your experience as a reader and strengthen our ability to deliver you the best and most up-to-date LGBT news, arts, entertainment and opinion across the Carolinas. CityPages Coinciding with the distribution of our Oct. 31 print issue, we unveiled our new …

Fulfilling our obligations in order to serve you

Staff Editorial

Since the publication of our Sept. 20 web story, “Failed Carolina gay news merger reveals allegations,” Q-Notes has received feedback both positive and negative. We encourage our readers to discuss and debate our news coverage based on its merits. We also want our readers to know the reasons why we decided to publish the story …

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Raleigh HIV case warrants news coverage

Staff Editorial

Since the publication of our Oct. 23 web story “Gay DJ put on house arrest for second HIV violation,” Q-Notes has received some pointed criticism. We welcome this exchange of ideas and want our readers to know the reasons we decided to publish the story online, why a version appears in this issue and how …

Time Out Youth: Adding insult to injury

Staff Editorial

[Note: Editor Matt Comer was not involved in the writing of this editorial. — Assoc. Ed.] Since its founding in 1991, Time Out Youth (TOY) has been one of the Charlotte LGBT community’s most important organizations and one of its finest resources. Thousands of LGBT and questioning youth have been guided through the challenging process …