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LGBTQ seniors benefit from handling legal documents with counsel

Legal Eagles: Naming responsible parties to handle issues for us if we are unable is essential

LGBTQ seniors (and frankly, everyone else) can use the law to our benefit by doing a Last Will and Testament or Trust.

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Open and closed adoptions in North Carolina

Making decisions on how to best approach becoming a child’s legal parent

For many LGBTQ couples, adoption is a path to parenthood.

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Focus on the LGBTQ Family

Legal Eagles

What you need to know about wills and estate planning.

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Traversing LGBTQ divorce in new era

Legal Eagles: Charting new territory in family law

For every 1,000 married Baby Boomers — defined as those ages 51 to 69 — 10 divorced in 2015 (, which increased from 5 in 1990. The increased rate of divorce amongst Baby Boomers has even been given a trendy name: “gray divorce” ( However, according to the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy, the divorce rate of same-sex couples is statistically lower than opposite-sex couples. The data shows same-sex couples divorced at an average rate of 1.1 percent annually, compared with 2 percent  ( annually between opposite-sex couples. So, what does this mean for “gay and gray divorce?”