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Opinion – Page 84 – QNotes

Violently ill

General Gayety

I’m so sick of violence I want to hit someone. I’m having one of those moments when it feels like the amount of violence in the world is just plain overwhelming. But if I respond by tuning out the news, I’ll have nothing to write about but my own life and that could lead readers …

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Behind the macho mask

Gay therapist speaks out against homonegativity

Most men experience pressure to be “all man.” Except no one’s really sure of what it means to be a man. Being a man in Europe is different than being a man in America. Even here in the U.S., being a man in L.A. is different than being a man in New York. Heck, even …

Primary Concerns

Over the last few weeks, we have been contacted by numerous parties representing the Democratic presidential contenders. They want to know if Q-Notes is making an endorsement for the upcoming N.C. primary, slated for May 6, and, if so, whether we are supporting Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama. We’ve basically stalled them, waiting …

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Half-time, or lessons learned

Editor's Note

Honestly, it doesn’t feel like six months have already come and gone since I moved to Charlotte. Halfway through my first year here, and only a fraction of the way through the time I hope to live in the beautiful Queen City, I find myself looking back and wondering, “Where the hell did the time …