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talkback – QNotes

TalkBack: 06.05.15


Readers respond to articles on the marriage bill and about Boom Boom LaTour’s recent illness.

TalkBack 04.10.15


Readers respond to the death of Black Brockington, the non-discrimination ordinance and religious freedom issues.

TalkBack 03.27.15


Readers responded to issues on total inclusion or incremental change, the “T” in LGBT and the mayor’s brief.

TalkBack 03.13.15


Readers responded with a variety of emotions after Charlotte City Council defeated LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances on March 2. The vote, an editorial over the “compromise” package stripping out restrooms and separately reported incidents of harassment by anti-LGBT activists of transgender people at the local government center resulted in hundreds of comments on our website.

TalkBack: 02.13.15


Our online readers weighed in with a variety of viewpoints in response to our story on local TV anchor Audrina Bigos’ comments regarding Bruce Jenner and his rumored gender transition.

TalkBack: 09.26.14


Readers comment on our coverage on sports reporting, Pride’s arrival in Gastonia, education and U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger and discrimination.

TalkBack: 09.12.14


Readers share their views on our story on Greg Brafford and and our editor’s comments on community engagement on HIV/AIDS issues.

TalkBack: 08.15.14

Readers respond and comment on Gov. Pat McCrory and his stance on LGBT legislation, the comparisons and differences in Pride observances and Atty. Gen. Roy Cooper’s recent stand on not upholding the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.