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QPoll: Do you support stricter gun control laws?

After the Orlando shooting claimed the lives of 49 people and injured dozens more, the largest mass shooting in modern American history, the debate over gun control is stronger than ever. The issue divides the LGBT community, like the rest of the country, with some arguing that stricter gun laws will keep us safer and …

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QPoll: Should performers cancel NC shows or come and donate proceeds to LGBT orgs?

Since HB2 became law in North Carolina, allowing for the discrimination of LGBT people, there have been a rash of canceled shows. Most notably Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, Pearl Jam, Boston and Ani DiFranco all decided not to perform in the state. Others have decided to play anyway, but have spoken out against the bill, either …

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Three ways HB2 might be struck down

The Republican controlled House and Senate in North Carolina passed the anti-LGBT House Bill 2 (HB2), which Gov. Pat McCrory quickly signed and the national media attention and economic fallout quickly followed. Chances are this discriminatory bill will eventually go the way of Amendment One. Here are three ways HB2 might become history. Legal challenge to HB2 …

QPoll: Do you volunteer for social action projects?

The LGBT community is gaining tremendous strength in the U.S. We’re able to marry our partners. We’ve gotten added to benefit packages. And, so much more. However, all this can’t possibly be achieved without feet on the streets. Volunteers are sorely needed to keep the momentum going. What is your involvement in social action projects? Giving back is essential to garnering true equality, as well as providing much needed assistance to a host of causes. Let us get your feedback.

QPoll: Who will win the 2015 Charlotte mayoral race?

Who do you think will win in the 2015 Charlotte mayoral race? The 2015 election season is about to wrap up on Nov. 3 and qnotes is curious to know how its readers feel about the two mayoral candidates that are running for office. Is Jennifer Roberts (D) your choice or is Edwin Peacock (R)? Or, has apathy taken over and given you election blues? Let us know how you are going to vote (or not) comes election day.

QPoll: Funny or no? Observer limericks contest draws entries on debate over transgender inclusion

Chime in: Do you think the limericks are satirical and funny or offensive and dismissive?

Humor, like beauty, might well be in the eye of the beholder. And the entries in the Charlotte Observer’s 20th limericks reader contest might well provoke a laugh or scorn, especially on entries focusing in on recent debates on an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance rejected by City Council on March 2.