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Gay N.C. elected official targeted by hate mongers
Chapel Hill Town Councilman Mark Kleinschmidt subjected to violent rhetoric

by Matt Comer . Q-Notes staff

Attorney Mark Kleinschmidt has served on the Chapel Hill Town Council since 2001. He is one of five openly gay North Carolinians elected in state history.
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Through the internet, neo-Nazi white supremacists have targeted out LGBT elected officials across the nation, including some direct statements against prominently gay Chapel Hill Town Councilman Mark Kleinschmidt.

The trouble began when a national list of openly gay elected officials appeared on the forums of the Aryan-affiliated Vanguard News Network — a blog-type online publication. Kleinschmidt’s name and position were included in the post.

The list was originally published online by a gay man in Eaton, Ohio, who tracked officials’ voting records and legislative histories dating to the late 1990s. Following an announcement that the site would close Jan. 1, 2008, white supremacists re-posted the information to have it “archived and spread by others.”

Also named in the list are Orange County (N.C.) Commissioner Mike Nelson and recently appointed State Court of Appeals Judge John S. Arrowood. Oddly absent from the list is N.C. Sen. Julia Boseman, a Wilmington lesbian who is the highest-ranking gay official in the state.
Readers of the hate site were encouraged to take “direct action” against the openly gay officials.
“Because the information is perishable, local activists are best advised to use this information first as a precursor for additional investigation before taking ‘direct action,’” the posting states.
The list has been re-posted throughout the internet and blogosphere, including a website that directly targeted Kleinschmidt with violent rhetoric and veiled threats.

On “Politically Correct Apostate,” a blogger presented it with the heading “List of Open and Unapologetic Faggot Politicians.”

In response to criticism from Kleinschmidt on his own blog, the “Politically Correct Apostate” blogger wrote, “I would never encourage my readers to take direct action in the form of violence against any faggots, that would be illegal. However, if for some reason the laws were to change in the future, by keeping this information archived here and on various computers across the country, these faggots may rue the day they ‘came out of the closet.’ If that day ever arrives [when it becomes legal to lynch faggots], I’ll be more than happy to provide this information to those that might legally string you degenerates up.

“Apparently Kleinschmidt is a city councilgirl [Yes he’s a faggot too] in Chapel Hill North Carolina — a community that not so long ago would have lynched this degenerate now embraces the pervert [He’s a faggot, that means he accepts mens dicks up his ass - which means he’s a deviant pervert] and honors him with his own special ‘We’re so happy we have a deviant faggot running our city’ place on their city website.”

The anonymous blogger listed Kleinschmidt’s home address and phone number, “should anyone want to send a dildo or something” to him. In addition to his virulently homophobic remarks, the blogger used anti-semitic and racist language.

Kleinschmidt responded once again on his own blog, “It’s hard to understand what these people are thinking and what they believe they gain when they launch attacks like the one launched at me this week.

“I have to admit that I thought the best course was to entirely ignore these people, but I’ve rethought that strategy after seeing the positive and supportive responses I’ve received from friends and strangers who were glad to see these hate mongers exposed.”

Nationally prominent N.C. blogger Pam Spaulding (Pam’s House Blend) agreed with Kleinschmidt.

“While pointing out these bottom-feeders in the short run feeds their egos,” she wrote, “it’s instructive for the wider society to see what kind of sentiment is out there. While it is filled with hate, what you are really seeing is the last gasp of pathetic rage of a society of hate in retreat... Coming out, living out, and leading out is more powerful than any of the anonymous spewing and threats. We can’t all be driven back into the closet, and they know it.”

Many of Kleinschmidt’s friends and supporters have asked how they can help him or show support. He is directing those who wish to do something to donate to his two favorite charities: Equality N.C. and the Fair Trial Initiative.

info: Visit Kleinschmidt’s blog at kleinschmidt2005.blogspot.com.

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