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Who is Andrew Moller?
Accused in Sean Kennedy’s death, reportedly has three prior arrests

by Mark Smith
GREENVILLE, S.C. — The teenager charged with the murder of openly gay University of South Carolina student Sean Kennedy is 18-year-old Stephen Andrew Moller.

While much has been reported about the events leading up to Kennedy’s death, little is known about the man who is charged with the crime.

On May 16 investigators believe Moller punched Kennedy once in the face and drove off from the parking lot of Brew’s Pub. Kennedy then fell and struck the back of his head on the pavement; he was found bleeding and unresponsive and died 17 hours later, never having regained consciousness.

According to police records from the 13th Judicial Circuit of Greenville S.C., Moller has been arrested three times previously — once on a charge of simple assault and battery.

According to Mike Hildebrand, a representative of the Greenville County Sheriff’s department, Moller was arrested Aug. 22, 2006, for assaulting a minor who was sitting in a car, talking on a cell phone.

“Moller was knocking on his window, trying to get his attention,” says Hildebrand. “He [the unidentified teen] was ignoring him.”

After the teen ended his conversation and rolled down the window to see what Moller wanted, Moller reportedly slapped the young man in the face for failing to respond.

Moller plead guilty to the charges of simple assault and battery and was ordered to pay a fine.
Further research from an internet site representing the 13th Judicial Circuit of South Carolina revealed that Moller was reportedly also arrested in Greer, S.C., for possession of marijuana and minor possession of liquor, though confirmation from Greer police was pending at press time.

An article, published in the Greenville News and then later posted on the paper’s website, elicited numerous responses from friends of Kennedy’s and a few individuals who claimed to know Moller.

“Stevie is not a ruthless killer,” wrote the unidentified respondent. “About five months ago he sat in my home with his girlfriend (the mother of his unborn child) smiling and having a good time with no aggressive bone in his body.”

Moller remains in the Greenville County jail without bail.

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