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Author offers senators free coming out guide
‘Gay sex scandals are way too common’

‘Hide and Speak’ makes a great gift for National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11.
Rev. Kittredge Cherry, a lesbian minister and author of the new book “Hide and Speak: A Coming Out Guide,” believes “gay sex scandals have become way too common — especially among conservative leaders who oppose gay rights.”

So, on the eve of National Coming Out Day, observed each year on Oct. 11, she’s decided to do something about it.

Cherry says her latest book will be sent free to any U.S. Senator, including Idaho’s scandal-plagued Larry Craig, who requests a copy. She decided to make the offer after a media frenzy arose over Craig’s arrest for allegedly soliciting sex in a public men’s restroom.

“Sometimes telling the truth is difficult, but living a lie is even harder,” she says. “Sen. Craig is just the latest example of an anti-gay leader caught in a web of lies about a secret gay life.”
Former U.S. Rep. Mike Foley and evangelical leader Rev. Ted Haggard were also vocal opponents of gay equal rights until gay sex scandals ended their public careers.

Cherry feels all three men might have prevented their debacles by following her book’s program of self-acceptance and practical tips on coming out.

According to a press release, “each chapter of ‘Hide and Speak’ includes real life examples and tested, highly effective exercises used by Cherry in coming out workshops nationwide. She tells positive ways to come out to oneself, create a circle of supporters and deal with family, job and school. Readers will learn how to live proud, free and balanced, no matter what happens.”
“Senator Craig needs coming out advice, but so do many others,” Cherry says. “Queer teens are exploring their sexual orientation at younger ages. Lesbian and gay soldiers are facing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy while they fight in Iraq. Transgender surgery is now common. ‘Hide and Speak’ is the right resource for all of these challenges and more.”

The author says U.S. Senators can request their free copy of “Hide and Speak” by emailing kitt@JesusInLove.org or visiting www.JesusInLove.org

“Hide and Speak” was released by AndroGyne Press, a new queer studies press based in Berkeley, Calif.

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