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Kennedy’s killer given home detention
Stephen Andrew Moller’s case may set a dangerous precedent if legal codes aren’t adjusted to better fit criminal scenarios

by Jack Kirven . Q-Notes staff

Stephen Andrew Moller struck Sean Kennedy hard enough to crush his facial bones, causing Kennedy to fall, hit his head on the pavement and die.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Here’s a joke: What do you get when you punch a faggot in the head in South Carolina? A few months free room and board. And if he dies? A Christmas dinner with your family. Not very funny? It doesn’t have to be funny to be true.

Stephen Andrew Moller, 19, of Taylors, S.C., who had a repeat record of violence prior to his assault on Sean Kennedy, was given home detention on Nov. 30 upon paying a $25,000 bond. His trial for involuntary manslaughter will happen later.

Stephen Andrew Moller has a nasty habit of hitting people — we at Q-Notes brought this to the local authority’s attention last summer, since they didn’t have the resources to discover it on their own — but despite that, he is able to go home just in time to enjoy whichever winter celebration he likes best (Kwanzaa, anyone?). How very considerate of the state laws that offer no middle step between first-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Does the state legislature realize that Elke Kennedy’s son won’t be home for the holidays?

“Through an extensive investigation I found that the defendant did not strike the victim because he was a homosexual,” said Paul Silvaggio at a Greenville County circuit court bond hearing. “It was only later that he knew the victim was a homosexual.” It is a strange coincidence then that Stephen Andrew Moller would use homophobic epithets towards Kennedy before the fatal assault. Or does Stephen Andrew Moller throw hateful names at people in general (the way he randomly lashes out with sucker punches) and this time he just happened to be using those names against an actual homosexual?

Well, chin up. Something good did come out of all this — a friendly homosexual getting a college education was blotted out and a violent heterosexual with a bright future in part-time grocery bagging will be able to kill more friendly homosexuals the next time he gets upset. Wait, that was two good results! There’s the efficiency South Carolina is famous for. There is a surreal connection in all this between Kennedy’s death; the trial scene in Monte Python’s “Quest for the Holy Grail;” and the drunken USC frat boys in “Borat.” It’s simply too heartbreaking to analyze what those commonalities are.

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