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Lambda Lit Award winners announced
Alison Bechdel captures Lesbian Memoir award

by Q-Notes staff

Marijane Meaker accepts the Pioneer Award. Photo Credit: Donna F. Aceto
NEW YORK CITY — Winners for the 19th annual Lambda Literary Awards were announced the last week of May by the Lambda Literary Foundation at a gala celebration attended by 300 people.

Awards were presented in 25 categories. Winners were chosen by a jury of judges who come from all walks of literary life: journalists, authors, booksellers, librarians, playwrights and illustrators. In all, 85 judges participated in the selection of winners from the pool of 381 books that were nominated by 147 publishers.

In addition, Marijane Meaker and Martin Duberman were recognized for their lifetime achievements by receiving the Pioneer Award from Lambda Literary Foundation.

• “Love, Bourbon Street,” edited by Greg Herren & Paul J. Willis (Alyson)

Arts & Culture
• “GAY L.A.” by Lillian Faderman & Stuart Timmons (Basic Books)

Horace L. Griffin, winner LGBT Studies. Photo Credit: Donna F. Aceto

• “The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe,” Michael Szymanski & Nicole Kristal (Alyson)

Children’s/Young Adult (tie)
• “Full Spectrum,” edited by David Levithan & Billy Merrell (Random House Children’s Books)
• “Between Mom & Jo” by Julie Anne Peters (Little Brown)

• “1001 Beds” by Tim Miller (University of Wisconsin)

• “My Lucky Star” by Joe Keenan (Little Brown)

LGBT Nonfiction (tie)
• “GAY L.A.” by Lillian Faderman & Stuart Timmons (Basic Books)
• “Different Daughters” by Marcia M. Gallo (Carroll & Graf)

LGBT Studies
• “Their Own Receive Them Not” by Horace L. Griffin (Pilgrim Press)

Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror
• “Izzy and Eve” by Neal Drinnan (Green Candy Press)

Michael McColly, winner of Spirituality. Photo Credit: Donna F. Aceto
• “The After-Death Room” by Michael McColly (Soft Skull Press)

• “The Transgender Studies Reader” edited by Susan Stryker & Stephen Whittle (Routledge)

Lesbian Fiction
• “The Night Watch” by Sarah Waters (Riverhead Books)

Lesbian Romance
• “Fresh Tracks” by Georgia Beers (Bold Strokes)

Lesbian Mystery
• “The Art of Detection” by Laurie R. King (Bantam)

Lesbian Poetry
• “Lemon Hound” by Sina Queyras (Coach House Books)

Lesbian Memoir & Biography
• “Fun Home” by Alison Bechdel (Houghton Mifflin)

Georgia Beers, winner of Lesbian Romance. Photo Credit: Donna F. Aceto

Lesbian Erotica
• “Walk Like a Man” by Laurinda D. Brown (Q-Boro Books)

Lesbian Debut Fiction
• “The Teahouse Fire” by Ellis Avery (Riverhead)

Gay Fiction
• “Suspension” by Robert Westfield (Harper Perennial)

Gay Romance
• “When the Stars Come Out” by Rob Byrnes (Kensington)

Gay Mystery
• “The Lucky Elephant Restaurant” by Garry Ryan (NeWest Press)

Gay Poetry
• “A History of My Tattoo” by Jim Elledge (Stonewall)

Gay Memoir & Biography
• “The Bill From My Father” by Bernard Cooper (Simon & Schuster)

Gay Erotica
• “A History of Barbed Wire” by Jeff Mann (Suspect Thoughts)

Alison Bechdel, winner of Lesbian Memoir & Biography. Photo Credit: Donna F. Aceto

Gay Debut Fiction
• “Suspension” by Robert Westfield (Harper Perennial)

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