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by Q-Notes staff
“City Boys”
Deadline: April 30, 2007
Not many gay boys are born in the Castro, West Hollywood, Chelsea, in Dallas’s Oak Lawn, San Diego’s Hillcrest, Atlanta’s Midtown, St. Louis’s Central West End, Seattle’s Capitol Hill or any of America (and the world’s) urban gay centers. These queer and queer-friendly neighborhoods are magnets that attract boys just coming out or men who come out late, oases of gay-friendly faces that seduce country boys into city life, suburban kids into the inner city, cyber kids into the real queer world. Cleis Press is Looking for stories — erotic fiction, or erotic autobiography with a strong narrative tone — for an anthology about discovering sex and a sexual community, about the “click” of understanding that there are others like us, about reading (or misreading) the codes that (for better or worse) define queer life. We want sex-charged stories that chart the geographic, the emotional, even the spiritual transition to a centered erotic self. Original submissions under 7,000 words are preferred, though work that has appeared online will be considered. Queries and stories as .doc files to: Richard Labonte at cleiscityboys@gmail.com.

“Best Gay Erotica 2008”
Deadline: April 30, 2007
Short stories, novel excerpts, memoirs, narrative artwork, essays — original or reprint — are now being accepted for “Best Gay Erotica 2008,” to be published by Cleis Press in late fall of 2007. Maximum length preferred: 6,000 words; no minimum. Reprints must have appeared in print or online, or been scheduled to appear, between July 2006 and June 2007. BGE is not a “theme” anthology, so anything goes — any fantasy, all flesh, any kink, every genre — as long as the work is intensely erotic, lusciously literary and quite, quite queer. Somewhere between 35 to 40 stories will be selected by series editor Richard Labonte from among the submissions, with winners chosen from the finalists by this year’s judge, Emanuel Xavier, author of the novel “Christ Like” and the poetry collections “Pier Queen” and “Americano” and editor of the anthology “Bullets and Butterflies.” Send queries and submissions to bge2008@gmail.com, in .doc format.

“Coming Out While Married: Stories by Black Lesbians”
Deadline: May 31, 2007
RedBone Press seeks well-written personal stories by black lesbians on the subject of coming out while married to a man. Looking for journal entries, personal essays, creative autobiographical fiction, poetry or whatever way the words come together to describe your coming out. This book is intended to be a resource for black women coming out of marriage, and for the women who love them.

Some questions to address are: How did you tell him? (The “honey, can we talk” speech?) What language did you use to communicate your secret? Did you know your orientation before you got married or after? Why didn’t you keep it to yourself? Were there any fears of violence? Did it delay your coming out? What is the present state of your relationship with him? Do you have any regrets? Do your kids know? How do you manage co-parenting with your ex-husband?

We are also looking for stories from women who are partnered with formerly married women, addressing their point of view surrounding these issues.

Send submission, double-spaced and typed (no more than 35 pages) along with a SASE to the address below. Email submissions welcome; send files attached as a Word or an .rtf document, along with complete contact information (snail and email addresses).
RedBone Press
P.O. Box 15571
Washington, DC 20003
email at: redbonepress@yahoo.com

“Less Than Settled: Critical Perspectives on Travel and Privilege”
Deadline: June 30, 2007
What compromises do activists, organizers and those actively pursuing social justice make when traveling internationally? How does the experience of living in a global super power, either legally or not, affect our reception in countries that make up the global south? How do we own (or not own) our privilege, be it race, class, age, gender, sexuality, citizenship, body type, or ability in another cultural context? What happens when our identities are anything but simple and we experience oppression simultaneously with privilege?

What does contemporary colonialism look like and what is our responsibility to its existence and perpetuation while traveling?

What does traveling respectfully, accountably or even radically look like? Is it possible?
This anthology seeks to address critical questions around western privilege and international travel. Specifically, we want to investigate how activists, organizers, critical thinkers, radicals, progressives and subversives bring or don’t bring their politics with them when they travel to the third world/two-thirds world/global south. We want to hear specifically from those who have decided not to travel and from those who travel but feel less than settled about it. How do folks negotiate steadfast beliefs about social justice and oppression when in different cultural contexts that don’t share such beliefs or share them differently? What is open to compromise and what will never be compromised?

Submit non-fiction essays up to 6,000 words. Essays must be typewritten, double-spaced and submitted via mail. Include a short bio. Send essays to:
Less Than Settled
c/o Bruin Christopher Runyan
1643 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98144
For more information, email: bruinator@gmail.com

“Out in the World”
Gay Travel Literature Series
“Out in the World” is Haworth Press’s new gay and lesbian travel literary series. Proposals for books can range from the erotic, to the literary to the academic, fiction or non-fiction, and can be anthologies or the work of one author. Proposals should be clearly presented, with a synopsis, marketing outline and a CV of previous works and a bio. Guidebook proposals are not being considered at the moment. For more information, or questions on presenting a proposal, contact Series Editor Michael Luongo at mtluongo@aol.com or mtluongo@hotmail.com.
Harrington Lesbian Literary Quarterly

HLLQ is published by Haworth Press and includes short stories, novel excerpts, poetry, essay and drama. HLLQ also features work by lesbian artists, painters and photographers in each issue. Ongoing submissions of artists and writers. 
Judith P. Stelboum Ph. D.
Editor HLLQ
11 Cambridge Court East
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
For more information, email: JPS360@aol.com

Alice Street Editions
Submissions ongoing for award-winning lesbian literature series, Alice Street Editions. Seeking lesbian novels, memoirs, essays and non-fiction writing. Published by Haworth Press.  
Send manuscripts to:
Judith P. Stelboum Ph.D.
11 Cambridge Court East
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
For more information, email:JPS360@aol.com

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