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Gotta’ story to tell — check out these literary requests

by Q-Notes staff
“First Person Queer: Who We Are, Where We’ve Come From, Where We’re Going”

Edited by Richard Labonté and
Lawrence Schimel
For publication in Fall 2007
by Arsenal Pulp Press
Deadline: Feb. 28, 2007

We’re looking for short (under 1,500 words) first person essays from across the spectrum of queer experience that depict the diversity, the complexity, and the excitement of contemporary LGBT life. We want to be surprised, and to surprise our readers, with intensely personal experiences from writers of diverse genders, ages, races and orientations, informing us about unusual aspects of our lives. Comprehending queer codes, exulting in nonconformity, expressing gender deviance, confronting assimilation and having to “pass.” Write about the theory of your life. Discuss sissyhood, parenting skills, sexual experiences (play or work), urban pleasures, personal choices: write about the practice of your life. We’ve all got a story to tell. Topic and tone should be witty, reflective, satirical and learned. We are open to your imaginations, as long as the writing is real. What’s going to make us sit up and pay attention are essays that go beyond the traditional tales of coming out, first love, breaking up, the death of a lover, the acceptance — or not — of parents. These are important stories, and intriguing twists on them will be considered, but they’ve been done so we’re unlikely to include more than one or two. Offer us something different, something less easy to categorize. Give us a glimpse of an instructive physical moment or a transcendent emotional passage from your dyke, fag, tranny, bi, or otherwise queer life. Submit your work by email, as an attachment in .doc format, with author’s last name and story title in the file name to Richard Labonté at: fpqueer@gmail.com. Please include contact details and bio in the .doc file, not just in your email; submissions that are considered will be separated from the emails.
Payment: a small honorarium and one copy of the book will be paid. (Please note that payment is in Canadian funds.)

As an anthology for a Canadian publisher, preference will be given to submissions from Canadian writers. But the anthology is open to submissions from all writers, and is actively interested in non-North American writers.

Sinister Wisdom Journal #71
“Two Spirit Women of First Nations”

Guest Editors: Chrystos (Menominee) and Sunny Birdstone (Ktunaxa)
Deadline: March 1, 2007

Colonialization has marginalized Indigenous women (as well as men), making Native Dykes almost completely invisible. We celebrate the survival of Two Spirit women of First Nations in this issue. Submissions may be in any format — taped interviews, dialogues, as well as fiction, poetry, etc. Please respect certain definitions, which have often been violated – i.e., we ask for work from lesbians who are Native in this lifetime only, recognized by their tribes or communities (although a BIA number is not required) and willing to use their name rather than a psuedonym (this is to help prevent submissions of non-authentic work). We define Indigenous Dykes as coming from the Americas, as well as the Pacific (Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia), with a land base (i.e., reservation, ranchero, etc.) and a tribal affiliation (Maori, Koori, Cree, etc.). Government recognition of tribal status is not necessary (ie. we recognize the Duwamish). We are particularly interested in stories from dykes who were in residential schools, elders, incarcerated and in honor of those who have passed on. Writing guidelines and details: www.sinisterwisdom.org.

“My Gay Brother”

Deadline: March 1, 2007

Green Candy Press seeks beautifully written, provocative, honest, emotionally revealing and insightful, funny, sad, bitter and joyful memoirs of growing up as or maintaining adult ties between gay men who are also siblings. Submissions should be original and not previously published in book format. Submissions should be between 6-25 typed, double-spaced manuscript pages and available as Microsoft Word documents.
For more info go to greencandypress.com/submitbrother.html.

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